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  • No mate I love ur tank, after my honeymoon I'd love u to visit and give advise so I could try and get mine half as good as yours mate, I'm really happy scape and fish wise just no clue about corals, I kill everything.... Although my 7 inch max clam from mark is doing wonders work that one out???
    Hi Peter,

    Do you have any installation instructions for your Phosphate Reactors? I didn't want to waste your time by asking and have googled and re-googled but I cant find anything on how to assemble and pipe it up etc.

    Hi Pete I'm after a reactor to run bio pearls I have 150 G tank ( which will probably get a bit bigger after next upgrade)can you suggest the correct size reactor and cost including p&p to NE33 cheers Bill
    Hi Doom,
    Well done on winning.
    Your tank is 810 lt, so a 2 lt would be just right for you. The 2lt is 120 x 500mm tube, the base is 220 x 140 mm and is around the 550mm high. The 3 lt is 127 x 500 tube, and the base is 140 x 240 mm and about 550mm high.
    PM Me with what you decide.
    Hi pete. Mny thanx for ur prize donation. Could you tell me the size's of the 2lit & 3 lit. My thoughts are tht this would sit at the side of my sump rather than inside it. More space outside. The space avail is 8 x 8 x 20 (inch) your advise would be greatfull total water volume appr 180 gal. thinking at mo 3 lit prize. Thx
    Hi, I am looking for a phosphate reactor to use about 100ml of rowaphos, so only need a small reactor. I'm looking for something around 12" high with the smallest tube diameter you use.

    I recently bought a second hand reactor that was designed to be used as a fluidized bed filter, so it wasn't suitable for rowaphos. Just wondering how your phosphate reactor works and how it is filled with rowaphos if that makes sense.

    Hi Pete
    Was wondering if you could do a custom pearl reactor, it basically would sit on top of it's feed pump which is 16 mm outlet, so inlet bottom outlet top, just want it like this as there is limited space in my sump as I have a aqua medic pecula 120. The skimmer is of the same principle to save space.
    Also interested in which cnc u have, am time served engineer now self employed in the fuel industry
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