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New Profile Posts

  1. Hinterfeld
    Hinterfeld Brent W
    Hello Brent. This is Hinterfeld. I wanted to add our website www.hinterfeld.com in words in my contact details. How could I do that? At the moment only written our address, phone etc.
  2. steve861uk
    Yahooo a 100 likes (thank you everyone who has liked my posts)!
  3. steve861uk
    Woo Who 700 posts :o)
  4. steve861uk
    The tumble weeds are rolling again!
  5. steve861uk
    Message count is rising. Join in....it's fun!
    well thats the salt on way but patience is taking over
  7. Sabaxter
    Sabaxter Barbarosa
    Hello mate can I ask what powerheads you are running?

    Regards shaun
    1. Barbarosa
      Hi Shaun, I'm running two Maxspect Gyre XF250's - one at either end of the tank - cheers Ian.
      Dec 28, 2017
  8. mikeshaz
    opps as i was say had to give a 5ft up now got space again are we allowed to buy and sell fish or equip on this site
  9. mikeshaz
    hi all just set up a tank over the last few days
  10. Designer Vision and Sound
    Designer Vision and Sound
    Just looking forward to getting setup!
  11. Callvicz
    Need some advice for someone who doesn't really know what to do. Any help at all would be great
  12. shedend123graham
    hi all and thanks for letting me join . back after 10 years away.
  13. shady
    shady McPikie
    Hi, You have posted an "IT2012" light unit for sale, it has come up for moderating but I cant see a picture attached of the item. If I allow the advert to go through can you edit with a picture please otherwise it will be deleted.

  14. Barry46
    Losing fish 4to 8 weeks feeding ,symptoms in a 190L cube swim slightly erratic have difficulty reaching the bottom of the tank
  15. Javahart
    Java is back...
  16. hydrolife
    hydrolife jim_fitz
    Do we still have contact with Liverpool museum.
    I know we used to go "behind the scenes" regularly. It just that I have some marine stock I would like to donate.
  17. Scott8819
    Well I’ve come back to the hobby! Bought all the equipment and setup correctly this time!
  18. hockeymum
    hockeymum jim_fitz
    Jim I posted a for sale in equipment that is waiting for moderator to approve its been a few days now any reason why ?? Chris
  19. Hatebreed
    Hatebreed jim_fitz
    Hi, I placed an ad in the wanted section recently. It has a moderation sign next to it and is not visible when not signed into the site, whereas other members posts are. Please can you let me know why this is. Thanks, Melanie
  20. steve861uk
    Woo - Hoo - 500 posts :)
    1. Jagger and Realist like this.