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New Profile Posts

  1. shedend123graham
    hi all and thanks for letting me join . back after 10 years away.
  2. shady
    shady McPikie
    Hi, You have posted an "IT2012" light unit for sale, it has come up for moderating but I cant see a picture attached of the item. If I allow the advert to go through can you edit with a picture please otherwise it will be deleted.

  3. Barry46
    Losing fish 4to 8 weeks feeding ,symptoms in a 190L cube swim slightly erratic have difficulty reaching the bottom of the tank
  4. Javahart
    Java is back...
  5. hydrolife
    hydrolife jim_fitz
    Do we still have contact with Liverpool museum.
    I know we used to go "behind the scenes" regularly. It just that I have some marine stock I would like to donate.
  6. Scott8819
    Well I’ve come back to the hobby! Bought all the equipment and setup correctly this time!
  7. hockeymum
    hockeymum jim_fitz
    Jim I posted a for sale in equipment that is waiting for moderator to approve its been a few days now any reason why ?? Chris
  8. Hatebreed
    Hatebreed jim_fitz
    Hi, I placed an ad in the wanted section recently. It has a moderation sign next to it and is not visible when not signed into the site, whereas other members posts are. Please can you let me know why this is. Thanks, Melanie
  9. steve861uk
    Woo - Hoo - 500 posts :)
    1. Jagger and Realist like this.
  10. damo666
    damo666 Damo6925
    Amazon mate, and how on earth do ya do a pm on here
    1. Realist
      Click the username of the member you wish to pm then click start conversation.
      Sep 16, 2017
      damo666 likes this.
  11. PaulTys
    PaulTys Funkymonkey
    Funky are you still about?
  12. PaulTys
    PaulTys [email protected]
    Matt are you still around mate. Would be great to catch up.
    1. Realist
      Mats not been on SB for years.
      Sep 16, 2017
  13. steve861uk
    Time to celebrate - 400 posts :)
  14. steve861uk
    Tank algae problems now sorted (at last!) :)
  15. Hinterfeld
    Professional Aquarium Supply Wholesaler
  16. NJOgden
    NJOgden penzo
    Hi Alan, please keep the Palys to one side for me if you don't mind will collect when back from London. Cheers Neil
  17. slash_halen
    slash_halen Bluez_01
    Sorry Ian, first time i've been on in a while, things have been a bit hectic recently. I got a new number 3-4 months back, so i'm not avoiding you lol.
  18. Bluez_01
    Bluez_01 slash_halen
    Hi Matt, Tried your mobile number with a txt, no reply, sent you a pm no reply, are you trying to avoid me!!!! lol, send me a pm dude with your new number plz mate.
  19. Ginge93
    Ginge93 Bizzle Wizzle
    Hello! Have to rock sculptures sold?? If not what kind of size are these please
  20. Scott
    Scott CEECH
    Hi Cheech, im really sorry i havent been in touch my phone doesnt let me log onto SB for some unknown reason, the radion was sold about 3 weeks ago pal, but there is another one on here for sale at the minute, maybe the seller would be willing to send it?

    again apologies on the late reply