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  1. Marwix Upwarham
    Marwix Upwarham
    Hi there nice to be here
  2. les
    les doug_amanda
    Hi Doug. Every month I can't log in to the.foum on my phone untill I put in a security code and ti be frank it pisses me off. If theres are experimenting similar its no wonder people are not posting in the forums. I must admit it limits my posts esp when it comes to answering questions people have posed.
  3. diver 807
    diver 807 LittleOcean
    hi Toby,diver 807 here.not been around for awhile thought I would pop back in to see how thing s aare here. I don't seem to get my head around how to add a tread to reintroduce myself,can you help please. cheers Brian
  4. diver 807
    diver 807 Hazey
    Hi Dave ,don't know if you remember me Diver 807 from a few years ago but I am trying to get back on the forum, if i'm allowed. but I can't seem to find out how to post threads. can you help please.
  5. Staypuft
    I have two tanks but no tank thread and post little - maybe I should...
  6. damo666
    Exciting new upgrde
  7. SaltyDan66
    Hi all , Very new to this hobby and just in the planning stage .
  8. Sailor467
    I have a EA 1200 been going 2 years
  9. Gordon.
    Hi guys..new to the hobby after a break of 30 years.....
  10. subverts
  11. Jimbob88
    Wanted corals ,anomone,live rock ,sand,
  12. philphy1
    Very nice to be back, after around 5 year's away from salty box..Since then I've had 3 aquariums. 1 after another.
  13. Angie Dunning
    Angie Dunning
    New marine tank setup
  14. Hinterfeld
    Hinterfeld Brent W
    Hello Brent. This is Hinterfeld. I wanted to add our website www.hinterfeld.com in words in my contact details. How could I do that? At the moment only written our address, phone etc.
    1. Brent W
      Brent W
      Mar 22, 2018
  15. steve861uk
    Yahooo a 100 likes (thank you everyone who has liked my posts)!
  16. steve861uk
    Woo Who 700 posts :o)
  17. steve861uk
    The tumble weeds are rolling again!
  18. steve861uk
    Message count is rising. Join in....it's fun!
    well thats the salt on way but patience is taking over
  20. Sabaxter
    Sabaxter Barbarosa
    Hello mate can I ask what powerheads you are running?

    Regards shaun
    1. Barbarosa
      Hi Shaun, I'm running two Maxspect Gyre XF250's - one at either end of the tank - cheers Ian.
      Dec 28, 2017
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