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  1. Stefan HOLDSWORTH
    Does anyone have any idea why my pyjama wrasse is suddenly swimming round frantically and at times drifting
  2. Stefan HOLDSWORTH
  3. Wendy Pearson
    Wendy Pearson
    Hi New to this Forum anyone any experience of dosing No POx with Vibrant? Can both be dosed together?
  4. Dom a new reefer
    Dom a new reefer
    Hi all. This is the first forum I've joined is this where I post questions etc?
  5. dinndenz32
    dinndenz32 alice01
    Hi Alice do you have a number I can contact you on. Easier than on here. I can help with your tank if your local. Always ready to help fellow readers in trouble
  6. Angiepangie
    Getting ready for my new tank
  7. Steve73
    New to keeping marine fish, got aqua one 180litre
  8. dwill716
    dwill716 jim_fitz
    Hi! My name is David Williams and I'm trying to reach the owner of this forum. Do you own this forum?


    1. Realist
      Just send a message to any admin for help.
      Aug 17, 2019
  9. downunder87
    downunder87 doug_amanda
    Hi, Can you delete my account please.
  10. Scuba
    Scuba reefloat
    Hi Gordon can you send me a code for free postage please after a AWC Red Sea max 400 s think it’s 53 I’ll need
    Cheers keith
  11. Scuba
    Scuba PaulW
    Hi mate you still after swapping your water changer?
    Cheers Keith
  12. diver 807
    diver 807 reefloat
    Hi Gordon, I am still around but not as active as I used to be. I wonder if you could hep me,can you provide me with a wiring diagram for an stc 1000 controller.please.
  13. dannyw
    dannyw screwloose
    Hi mate, just started up again , do you still sell frags? Cheers Danny
  14. Marwix Upwarham
    Marwix Upwarham
    Hi there nice to be here
  15. les
    les doug_amanda
    Hi Doug. Every month I can't log in to the.foum on my phone untill I put in a security code and ti be frank it pisses me off. If theres are experimenting similar its no wonder people are not posting in the forums. I must admit it limits my posts esp when it comes to answering questions people have posed.
  16. diver 807
    diver 807 LittleOcean
    hi Toby,diver 807 here.not been around for awhile thought I would pop back in to see how thing s aare here. I don't seem to get my head around how to add a tread to reintroduce myself,can you help please. cheers Brian
  17. diver 807
    diver 807 Hazey
    Hi Dave ,don't know if you remember me Diver 807 from a few years ago but I am trying to get back on the forum, if i'm allowed. but I can't seem to find out how to post threads. can you help please.
  18. Staypuft
    I have two tanks but no tank thread and post little - maybe I should...
  19. damo666
    Exciting new upgrde
  20. SaltyDan66
    Hi all , Very new to this hobby and just in the planning stage .
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