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  1. Last Post: 24-07-2013 14:49
    by OctoReef  Go to last post
  2. Feather duster

    Started by Oldman‎, 21-07-2013 18:56
    build, crossed, duster, feather, feeding, fingers, grow, happy, home, hope, hours, house, idea, ion, leave, live, live rock, normal, rock, side, tank, temp, thing, tube, wee
    Last Post: 28-07-2013 08:36
    by StarfishEnterprise  Go to last post
  3. name this unit

    Started by reefloat‎, 19-07-2013 19:53
    3 Pages
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    albums, automatically, awc, cut, enjoy, filled, float, html, joy, lid, media, photobucket, png, reef, reefloat, s11, shut, solenoid, supply, switch, ted, tube, unit, url, user
    Last Post: 27-07-2013 09:41
    by Bully  Go to last post


  4. any one in se london ?

    Started by jigeyouth‎, 19-07-2013 11:04
    asap, back, buy, buzz, cut, drill, drilling, drink, give, guess, hey, hiya, hole, lol, london, luck, massive, plenty, quid, search, tank, tiles, tube, tutorials
    Last Post: 19-07-2013 15:29
    by jigeyouth  Go to last post
  5. Arcadia Eco Aqua Tropical LED Light Tubes

    Started by Aldric‎, 09-07-2013 23:02
    4ft, aqua, arcadia, blue, corals, eco, fastlight, fish, led, light, marine, marine fish, saltwater, tanks, tropical, tube, tubes, water
    Last Post: 10-07-2013 09:56
    by Fastlight Distributors  Go to last post
  6. LED tubes

    Started by Aldric‎, 06-07-2013 11:46
    10k, 120, 1200mm, 200mm, 300, 36w, 850, aquarium, arcadia, bar, blue, coral, ebay, guys, l26, led, marine, marine aquarium, price, reef, sps, tube, tubes, url, white
    Last Post: 06-07-2013 14:54
    by ICEMAN80  Go to last post
  7. Light Unit Problem

    Started by Moneydownthecouch‎, 03-07-2013 21:20
    2 Pages
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    age, ati, bulbs, changed, circuit, clips, connector, couple, easy, faulty, ged, happening, idea, light, nightmare, problem, replace, star, start, thing, tube, unit, weekend, whites, working
    Last Post: 05-07-2013 11:26
    by ICEMAN80  Go to last post
  8. I'd please

    Started by B1zbaz‎, 02-07-2013 17:23
    3 Pages
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    Last Post: 04-07-2013 21:38
    by B1zbaz  Go to last post
  9. t5 tube question

    Started by laubau‎, 19-06-2013 19:32
    2 Pages
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    Last Post: 20-06-2013 16:35
    by laubau  Go to last post
  10. tank latest

    Started by diver 807‎, 07-06-2013 13:29
    Last Post: 07-06-2013 16:29
    by diver 807  Go to last post
  11. Air valve question.

    Started by Wilson‎, 04-06-2013 17:43
    Last Post: 04-06-2013 18:40
    by Wilson  Go to last post
  12. Skimmer recommendation

    Started by worker‎, 30-05-2013 08:54
    600, advice, boyu, called, dave, external, good, lid, pay, price, range, replacement, run, running, skimmer, skimmers, star, tank, thinking, tmc, tube, type, water, world, years
    Last Post: 01-06-2013 09:03
    by paulrobbo11  Go to last post
  13. De*nitrate help

    Started by aaronlovesfish‎, 28-05-2013 18:01
    2 Pages
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    5mm, back, creep, days, denitrate, fed, higher, leaves, level, lit, nitrate, nitrates, ppm, rate, rates, read, stuff, tank, thing, tower, tube, water, week, works, wrong
    Last Post: 30-05-2013 15:43
    by aaronlovesfish  Go to last post
  14. North West old UV bulb

    Started by Wilson‎, 20-05-2013 15:34
    18w, 30cm, broke, bulb, check, end, filter, flo, holes, hose, ick, laguna, lol, pond, power, pressure, pro, splash, stick, test, thing, tube, wan, wet
    Last Post: 20-05-2013 20:41
    by Wilson  Go to last post


  15. North West reef pink 24w t5 tube

    Started by BobWorthy‎, 20-05-2013 12:51
    24w, buy, collect, colours, coral, difference, fish, locally, makes, pink, reef, tub, tube, wan
    Last Post: 20-05-2013 12:51
    by BobWorthy  Go to last post


  16. Are these things anything to worry about?

    Started by Sherlock1‎, 19-05-2013 10:54
    Last Post: 19-05-2013 18:50
    by chippie2002  Go to last post
  17. 10 tube t5 light units

    Started by white66‎, 17-05-2013 21:48
    2 Pages
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    age, ati, bet, bulb, bulbs, buy, corals, extra, find, hey, imo, kill, light, mine, needed, number, quality, reef, spend, sps, tank, tube, tubes, unit, units
    Last Post: 18-05-2013 08:28
    by tomdobson  Go to last post
  18. ati 6 tube combination?

    Started by laubau‎, 17-05-2013 19:08
    ati, blues, check, combi, combination, combinations, coral, effect, good, group, ion, order, page, peeps, people, pics, powers, purple, purples, run, tank, tube, tubes, white, wondering
    Last Post: 18-05-2013 09:11
    by laubau  Go to last post
  19. North West D-D H2O phosphate Vial ( test tube)

    Started by Oldman‎, 12-05-2013 18:59
    buy, customer, d-d, direction, free, h2o, hand, ion, mine, phosphate, post, put, question, service, smashed, test, tube, vial
    Last Post: 12-05-2013 19:23
    by Oldman  Go to last post


  20. North West Elos HR Phosphate Test Kit Test Tube

    Started by scarytoastmonster‎, 09-05-2013 20:17
    ago, buying, complete, contact, elos, fancy, free, hey, house, kit, lying, managed, moving, phosphate, section, spare, test, tub, tube, wan, weeks, wondering
    Last Post: 09-05-2013 21:14
    by scarytoastmonster  Go to last post


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