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Marine Sponge

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Though extremely plant like in appearance, sponges are actually one of the most primitive animals in the sea. In the ocean, live sponges can be found in an infinite variety of colors and shapes. Most of them are relatively small, but some varieties can grow to over 6 feet in diameter.



Common Name(s): Sponge
Scientific/Other Name(s) : Porifera sp
Care Level : Easy
Maximum Size: 6'
Minimum Tank Size: n/a
Reef Safe: Yes
Feeding Requirements: Filter Feeders
Temperament / Behavior: Peaceful

Many sponges and other organisms found on live rock cannot tolerate shipping very well because they are exposed to air and/or unacceptable temperatures in the process so it is important to keep your rock in water or at least moist as if not it will lead to the death of these and other creatures

There are more colourful sponge species available to buy from your local lfs

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